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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Pitney Music Festival mix-up

Thousands of Dutch punk rock fans buy tickets for tiny Somerset event...

There are red faces at the offices of a major punk rock festival in The Netherlands this week as it emerges at least five and a half thousand people on the continent have pre-booked tickets for 'Pitfest'...a day long music event on Pitney cricket field this summer.

The English event, back on after a year off in 2016, shares the same name as a major Dutch one - described online as "the coolest metal, punk and hardcore festival in the Netherlands"

Ten thousand rockers and bikers attended last year. The Pitney event usually attracts under 500 people.

The village elders are said to be "in panic" over the mix-up.

"It's the worst thing that's happened since somebody dropped an empty coke can outside the church hall in 1993" said one of them.

This couple say they've had over 400 calls and e-mails this week from 'foreign-sounding' Hells Angels asking them how much a 2-night camping plot is and whether the shop is 'Rottweiler-friendly'

- and the Netherlands PitFest ticket office has also been receiving 'odd enquiries'.

"Somebody rang up asking if we'd be doing Cream Teas" said organizer Hans Jorganson.

Google says it's launched an inquiry into how the internet booking blunder took place.

For more information on the Dutch event click here:

Our news team couldn't find any online information about the Somerset event but we're hoping Pitfest UK will be advertising with us soon.

As we always say at this point...

"There are no further details"


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